Saturday, January 26, 2013

How do you describe YOUR valentine?

Our 2013 Valentine Menu asks this question 
& we have created some likely answers for you..

I thought of charming vintage tea cups, dainty embroidered pillowcases hung on a clothesline and 
an overflowing slightly wild cottage garden- complete with picket fence and a comfortable 
whitewashed wicker chair tucked in a quiet corner...

Actually the original name was Short and Sassy 
(it may or may not have reffered to me...)
I love a rose bowl
 Pretty blooms tucked in close, creating a lush landscape of
brilliant colors and textures- very much like a bridal bouquet. 
the roses featured in this particular photo are red Freedom, 
Pink Fiesta (the larger pink and cream variegated rose) 
and a couple different varieties of spray roses.

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