Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Decorating

Let me start by saying I love Fall- The scents of spiced apple and cozy oven meals, the colors & textures of the outdoors as it changes.. It inspires me to get inside and spruce up my poor neglected house!
 This week at Twigs our pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn will be ready for sale at the shop, so I thought I would collect some of my favorite fall decorating ideas from around the web & share them with you. 

Do you have some unusual jars around the house?
You can fill those babies up with all kinds of great things that instantly say FALL is HERE- leaves, nuts, or candy. (no snitching!) 
 Complete the look by adding leaves, mini pumpkins and votive candles (how about votive candles IN the mini pumpkins?)
 This is also a great idea for a fireplace mantle...

How about outside?
Check out this Indian corn pitchfork! ha ha
Just secure the corn with wire and you can hang it like this or lean it against the wall on your entry way or porch.

LOVE these stacked pumpkins (below)- you will have to secure them by impaling them with sticks or a dowel. Paint your house numbers on them!

 Love this outdoor pumpkin "light fixture"! Perfect for those of you who have wonderful backyards or patios.

  OK.. this witch is too fun! You might see her cousin on MY front porch!

Until next time- happy decorating!

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  1. Love it! Makes me want to put out more decorations!
    I love the picture of the Argyle pumpkin because you have ceramic ones for sale in the shop!!! :)