Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Design Show!

In  May I had the opportunity to attend a design show hosted by Greenleaf Wholesale in Reno.
The presenter, Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD,CFD, PFCI dedicated this show to weddings and 
specifically.... bridal bouquets!
 The first Design- a hand-tied bouquet in lavender and yellow, all flowers are cleaned and ready to go, then added to form a sheaf shape- it came together QUICK!

and here's the finished bouquet- Yellow mini callas & yarrow together with lavender lisianthus and asters Notice the little bit of yellow in the center of the asters? If you're ever unsure about what color goes with what.. just look to nature for the answer.


Here are  a few of my favorites..
A vibrant hot pink and purple bouquet featuring iris, gerbera daisies and luscious peonies. 
Look at us in the background.. so SERIOUS!  
 Beautiful tropical feel bouquet featuring big green antherium, orange carnations (yes carnations!)
hypericum berries and ... can you guess what that other orange flowers is?? (I was surprised - as many of us were,  when she told us what she used!)
 Beautiful romantic bouquet with peach roses, pink peony & lavender wax flower. Can you imagine these colors with lavender bridesmaids dresses? 

Classic white rose bouquet with a little extra pearl detail- notice the leaves? they are stenciled. Imagine stenciling a lace pattern, or what about pinstripes? There are as many possibilities as you can think of!

Joyce is demonstrating a hand tied bouquet for over the arm. That big green 'flower' at the base of the bouquet is actually made of tropical leaves.

An asymmetric pink and brown bouquet using orchids, antherium, magnolia leaves (the underside) and fiddle head fern.
Here's the bouquet up-close and personal...
It's always a good time at a design show- re-connecting with fellow florists, learning a few new things, and sometimes.. (ok .. I confess MOST times) picking up some new materials to experiment with!

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