Monday, September 20, 2010

Have you met Lysa?

 A Little About Me

Have you ever noticed that people are so drawn to people? Take celebrities for instance. How do they even become celebrities? By people taking an interest in people! How many of you check out the biography or profile pages of blogs and/or web sites you’re interested in? I sure do!

I’m no celebrity; however, Tracey has asked that I share a little about myself for all of you who follow Twigs’ Blog.

My name is Lysa Humildad. I am a wife and a mother of three biological children and spiritual mom to many others. I have many interests and passions which often lead me on various endeavors                       

Currently, I am “stationed” at Twigs. Twigs is a wonderful little shop located in Yerington, Nevada. Many of you know Twigs as your local florist. However, Twigs is about so much more! Twigs offers a variety of gifts and goodies which are all about making people feel good.

One of my own passions is to influence people in a positive way. I love beautiful things and I love to surround myself with things that make a positive impact on my life. And I love to share those things with others. At Twigs, I am able to do just that!

I have been here at Twigs for about six months now. It has been a blessing to work with Tracey and to help her in her business. Not only am I blessed with beautiful surroundings, but I am able to come along side Tracey and encourage her. Working at a job isn’t about the pay check, although it certainly helps! It’s about what we can bring to the work place, the community and the people around us. I hope that I have been as much of a blessing to both Tracey and my community as they have been to me!

With warm and fragrant thoughts until next time,

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